You Can Bet On Almost Anything – Specials

Don’t like sports bets? More interested in your TV, politics, celebs, or even what the temperature is going to be? Novelty bets are more your thing then.

Betting specials, also known as novelty bets, cover a wide selection of topics. Bookmakers let people bet on almost anything these days from the names and genders of soon to be born royal babies, the winner of the current series of Big Brother, whether it will snow on Christmas day, which political party will win the general election, in the case of one bookmaker – whether or not Oscar Pistorius will be found guilty or not (that one didn’t go down well with the public) and more recently whether or not Greece will remain in the EU, and if you have something specific that you would like to bet on but can’t see it you can even call them and see if they will give you odds on it.

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The most interesting element with TV specials, political specials and general novelty betting is that you can land some pretty good odds because the outcomes are often very difficult for even the bookmaker to predict the likely outcome of. Who’d have ever dreamed that a Tory government would secure a majority? Who’d have thought the mouthy northern bird (Helen Wood) would be crowned winner of big brother? Bookmakers try hard to ensure that they stay on the pulse and limit their losses but novelty betting has left them red faced many a time.

Novelty betting also provides consumers who are not overly keen on betting on the winner of a tennis match or a horse winning a race the chance to bet on something that interests them more like the winner of the X-factor, Britain’s Got Talent or who will get evicted from Big Brother this week, this makes gambling more fun for many people and widens the bookmakers appeal to a greater audience.

At the start of this year some bookmakers were offering odds of around 8-1 on whether or not Greece would leave the EU (commonly now known as a Grexit) but recent troubles with the Greek negotiations involving the nasty people from Brussels has left bookies teetering on the side of caution with many bookies either no longer taking bets on whether Greece will exit the Eurozone or slashing the odds dramatically. One of the biggest bookmakers in the UK is currently offering odds of only 1/3 on the Greeks leaving the EU. One bookmaker is offering 9/4 on an exit in 2015 and a return to the Drachma currency.

Whether or not the Greeks do take themselves out of the European Union is currently unpredictable and has been so ever since the global economic meltdown, but one thing that is for sure, though, is if Greece does exit the bookies will make a loss on that market.

The second favourite to leave the EU is the United Kingdom at odds of around 4-1 swiftly followed by Hungary with odds of around 12-1.

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