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What Is An Accumulator? Acca’s Explained

An accumulator is a selection of 2 or more sports bets, all on the same betting slip, that accumulate together and collectively deliver a return from your original stake. As they accumulate collectively, you need all of your selections to do what you bet that they would do to get your hands on some profit. Below is a picture of a successful accumulator of two selections, also known as a double.

Accumulators are THE most popular way to place a bet, especially on football, because you can get very large odds and therefore play smaller stakes limiting your exposure to loss and keeping your gamble well inside of the recreational fun category. You don’t even have to stick to one particular sport in your acca (the gambling abbreviation for accumulator) you can combine football teams with horses or horses with tennis players, the possibilities are almost endless.

Accumulator Example Bet

So, for instance, you place a bet on Real Madrid to score over 2.5 goals with odds of 1/4, you select Swansea to win their match against Manchester Utd with odds of 8-1 and you select Barcelona to win both halves at odds of 4/5. If you select Real Madrid to score over 2.5 goals as a single stand alone bet at odds of 1/4 you would get £7.50 profit from a £30 stake, which is a pretty risky and boring bet for such a low potential return even though Real Madrid would usually score over 2.5 goals, but by adding such a selection alongside other selections in an accumulator you are combining your selections together to give a greater return.

So, if you were feeling flush and decided to place a £30 stake on the 3 previously mentioned selections in an acca, your stake would be divided by 3 which would equal £10 and be calculated on the 3 different odds of your selections with an additional accumulator boost for the further increased risk by you then requiring all 3 selections to do what you hope that they will, instead of a single bet requiring one of them to win. (Are you still with us?)

The acca maths

Your total 30 pounds stake divided by 3 for the singles is as follows
£10 on Real Madrid to score over 2.5 goals as a single returns £12.50 = £2.50 profit
£10 on Swansea to beat Manchester Utd as a single returns £90 = £80 profit
£10 on Barcelona to win both halves as a single returns £18 = £8 profit

Placing those 3 selections in an accumulator with a total stake of £30 returns a profit of £577.50 which is a very good profit on a stake of £30.

If you had played all of those as single bets and they all won, you’d make a profit of 90.50 after your total £30 has been deducted. As you can see, the difference between betting on singles and accumulator betting is vast in terms of profit – but you also need to comprehend another situation.

If you place the accumulator and one of the selections loses, let’s say Manchester Utd did the unthinkable and beat Swansea, you would get £0 back, even if the other two selections did the business for you.

Where as if you had placed them as individual singles, you would get a profit of £8 from Barcelona and a profit of £2.50 from Real Madrid, which would give you a total back of £30.50 instead of nothing, giving you an un exciting profit of 50 pence, but with the additional bonus of not having lost your whole stake. So this is something to think about depending on how much risk you are prepared to expose your stake to. You could have also played them all as singles and have had all of them lose, although that would have been very unlucky!

Accumulators are more risky but more exciting and the profits can be very large.

Limit your Acca losses

If you’re new to gambling you may want to check out the free bet offers for new customers, deposit as little as £5 in some cases and get a free bet token to use on an accumulator. You can even get something called Acca insurance with bookmaker William Hill on accumulators with 6 selections or more. If one selection lets you down they will refund you your stake as a free bet up to the value of £50. This insurance offer is only available to bets placed prior to kick off, so in play betting is not eligible for insurance cover.

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