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Each Way Betting Explanation

What Is An Each Way Bet?

An Each-Way bet (E/W) gives you more chance of getting a return on your stake because your selection doesn’t have to necessarily win to deliver a return – but it must have come close!

Each-Way Betting – The Basics

There are two fundamental components to Each-Way betting – the ‘Win’ and the ‘Place’. The most important thing to understand is that you are essentially placing two bets; each part of equal stake. So, in that respect, your stake is doubled and you will get a pay-out if your selection wins or else ‘places’ (2nd, 3rd, 4th). For instance, a £3 Each-Way bet is effectively £6 in total (£3 on Place, £3 on Win).

Places or Placed is a term that refers to a betting selection, whether it is a person taking part in a competition consisting of a lot of people, a grey hound or a horse, finishing in a position that gives a return (money to come back) on a bet.

Placing an Each-Way Bet

Read on to find out how to place an Each-Way bet in 5 easy steps:

1. Figure out which sport you would like to take your Each-Way gamble on. Note that there are some sports it’s not available for.

2. Choose the event in which you’ll place your bet.

3. Find the selection you want to go Each-Way on and add to your betslip.

4. Weigh up your possibility of return and input your stake amount. (most online bookmakers automatically calculate your returns when you enter a stake figure).

5. Make sure to tick the E/W box to obtain winnings for either a ‘Win’ or ‘Place’. Double check your bet, click enter/confirm and your bet is then processed and a receipt is displayed.

Place Terminology

The number of places that warrant a pay-out differ greatly from sport to sport, from race to race etc. Specific place terms can generally be found listed on each unique event page and are uniquely set based on the type of event, number of runners (horse racing) and so on.

EXAMPLE: Each-Way terms are a Quarter the Odds for Five places in the Grand National i.e. E/W Odds: ¼ 1,2,3,4,5. In essence, this necessitates that ‘Place’ pay-outs are gained for horse selections that finished in 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th place and are, ironically, classed as a ‘losing’ bet.

The Calculations

Picture the scene! It’s the day of the Grand National and the horse you agonised over picking has just cruised home to victory. Rocky-Balboa was backed by you at odds of 18/1 with a £6 Each-Way stake. The terms of the race in relation to Each-Way betting are five places at a quarter the odds. You will receive a pay-out on both the Win and the Place element of your bet – therefore you can expect a return of £6 at 18/1 for the Win and £6 at one quarter of 18/1 because your horse placed.

WIN: £6 at 18/1 gives £114 (£6 x 18 = £108 + £6 stake return).
PLACE: 4.5/1 (one quarter of 18/1) multiplied by £6 totals £27 plus original bet money back = £33.

TOTAL: WIN added to PLACE funds = £147 total. Not bad from just a £12 bet!

Should it happen that your selection had come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th, you would just receive a pay out of the Place returns.

Each-Way Multiples (More than one selection on the same betting slip)

It should be noted that when you place a multiple Each-Way wager, such as an Each-Way double that is like an Each-Way single, this is ultimately classed as two separate bets – Win/Place double. They are settled Win-to-Win and Place-to-Place, so for example you cannot reap the full returns from your first winner going onto your second if the second selection places. For instance, if you have placed an accumulator bet and nine out of ten horses win but one of those only rides home in 2nd place, you will unfortunately just receive winnings for the Place terms of the accumulator bet and have ‘lost’ the win part of the bet – but you’ll still get a return on your stake. If your Each-Way multiple of nine horses has 7 winners, 1 place and 1 horse that finished outside of the place stipulation for that race then the bet would return nothing.

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